The ABC'S of French Cuisine


The "Applied Basic Cooking Techniques" of French Cuisine  

Cooking Essentials and Food Fundamentals Index: 


Chapter One: Equipment Identification and Tools of the Trade – small wares, utensils, cutlery, power equipment, pots and pans 


Chapter Two: Sanitation and Safe Food Handling Procedures


Chapter Three: Cooking Essentials & Food Fundamentals – The Transfer of Heat to Food and Various Cooking Methods, Glossary of French Cooking Terminologies and Techniques 


Chapter Four: The Art of Seasoning and Flavoring, The Alchemy of Taste  "UMAMI" Creating Flavor and Applying Flavor Profiling Techniques


Chapter Five: Understanding, Handling, Preparing and Cooking Eggs 

Poaching, Scrambling, Omelets, Crepes and Souffles


Chapter Six: Soups, Stocks, Broths and Sauces - Classical Sauces v/s Modern Day Sauces Reductions, Pan Gravies, Purees and Condiment Sauces, Thickening Agents, Binders, Glazes and Gluten Free Starch Alternatives 

Modern Day Soups - Bisques, Chowders, Cream Soups, Broths, Stock Soups and Puree’s


Chapter Seven: The Farmers Market – “Slow Food” from the Farm to the Kitchen to the Table - Salads and Salad Dressings, Entrée Salads, Side Salads and Accompaniments


Chapter Eight: Vegetarian Cuisine - Fresh Vegetables, Great Grains, Potatoes, Starches and other Farinaceous Foods


Chapter Nine:  Understanding, Handling and Preparing Fresh Seafood and Shellfish

Identification, Handling, Purchasing, Filleting and Cooking Seafood and Shellfish 

Applied Cooking Methods and Recipes for Fin fish, Shellfish, Bi-valves, Mollusks and Crustaceans - Poaching, Baking, Grilling, Sautéing, Frying and Broiling   


Chapter Ten: Understanding, Handling and Preparing Poultry & Poultry Products 

Identification, Handling, Purchasing, Butchering, Processing and Preparing

 Applied Cooking Methods and Recipes for Chicken, Duck and Turkey   


Chapter Eleven: Understanding, Handling and Preparing Meats and Meat Products 

Identification, Handling, Butchering, Processing, and Preparing Meats

Applied Cooking Methods and Recipes for Beef, Veal, Pork and Lamb